keskiviikko 9. elokuuta 2006

Iloinen porstituutiolaulu ja päivän nais- ja miesviha-annos

Lisa will go down on you
yes she will
Lisa will go down on you boys
Come to mommy

Let’s go and fuck in Germany
where the girls do it voluntarily
Fish net hookers on heroine
they wanna suck our cocks
Behold! The ecstasy

I wanna kill the hookers kill the whores
I wanna rip their little mouths off
for the Hooker is the one
who makes my husband cum
Her shaved tiny baby pussy
all meow-meow

Let’s go and drool in Germany
where the girls strip off voluntarily
legs wide open on a dirty floor
all the boyfriends go “She’s such a cunt, a whore!”

I hate women who can cum
I hate my fatty fatty bum
I hate the Father and the Son
who make my vagina numb
I hate the fact that I was born
a dirty little whore
(as in “a woman”)

See them jerking off the teeny-weeny
yellow polka dot…
cock cock cock